7 Ways Toastmost Club Website Hosting Improved in the Past Year

The Toastmost.org club website hosting service is how most clubs who use the WordPress for Toastmasters software get access, skipping the steps necessary to set up the software on an independent website. They get a powerful web publishing, marketing, and recruiting solution combined with agenda management and club management features.

Here are 7 ways the software and the hosting service got better in the last year. They include faster setup, more design flexibility, and multiple improvements to features for online meetings and contests.

1. Get a Toastmasters Club Website in Minutes, with the New Setup Wizard

You can now create a Toastmasters club website on Toastmost.org, make basic customizations to your meeting agenda, invite others to help you evaluate the software, and start sharpening your marketing message — all within minutes. You can even incorporate features to help you organize online meetings and meetings that include online participation. Because WordPress for … Continue reading

2. Simplified Member and Officer Email Lists for All Toastmost Users

Email distribution lists — write to one address, and your message is delivered to everyone on the list — are now available for all Toastmasters clubs who want them on the Toastmost.org hosting service. Toastmost is the easiest way to create a website that incorporates the WordPress for Toastmasters software. Until now, getting an email … Continue reading

3. Use the Toastmost Find a Club Email Bot with GMail

Toastmasters International sends a variety of different notifications, including “Contact Club” emails from the “Find a Club” page, all to the same email address that you’ve registered in Club Central. Sending an automated response is one way of responding faster and more consistently — which is not to say you shouldn’t also follow up personally. … Continue reading

4. Experimental Toastmost.org Feature: Login Without a Password

If you are on the Toastmost service, you may want to experiment with a new feature and let me know how you like it. This is an alternate way users can authenticate themselves to the website without a password, using a one-time login link. The process is similar the one you use to reset your … Continue reading

5. 5 New Toastmasters-branded WordPress Website Designs

Five new design choices are now available to users of the Toastmost.org website hosting service associated with the WordPress for Toastmasters project. See also: video demo of how to change your website theme. Like Lectern, which remains the default on Toastmost, these themes have been reviewed by Toastmasters International for conformance with the official brand … Continue reading

6. Use Your Own Domain with Toastmost Club Website Hosting

The Toastmost club website hosting service associated with the WordPress for Toastmasters is looking for clubs to test a new option, which allows you to use your own web domain (myclub.com) as opposed to a subdomain of toastmost.org (myclub.toastmost.org). Among other things, your club may gain a branding advantage by having a simpler domain consistent … Continue reading

7. Updates to the Online Ballots for Contest Judges and the Vote Counting Dashboard

When I recently asked for feedback from people who had used my online tools for judges, ballot counters, and the chief judge, one message I got from the judges was they wanted clearer confirmation that their votes had been received. Here is how the latest release of the software handles that, showing the judge a … Continue reading

* This software is offered "for Toastmasters" but not is provided by or endorsed by Toastmasters International. The use of Toastmasters brand assets (with proper disclaimers) in website designs has been reviewed by the Toastmasters International brand compliance team.