Video demo: Tools for doing business online from WordPress for Toastmasters

Here’s a peek at the assortment of tools we’ve used at Online Presenters Toastmasters to market our club, enroll members, and manage the agenda.

Key points:

  • Blogging tools allow you to show off everything that makes your club special.
  • Built-in event registration allows you to sign up guests and keep track of them.
  • A web-based application simplifies the process of enrolling new members.
  • The interactive signup form helps you fill your agenda.
  • Recording evaluations in a web-based form is simpler than emailing PDFs back and forth.
  • Meeting organizers get tools for inviting members to sign up for roles and following up with those who have committed to a role (or might need to be drafted to fill one).

Author: David F. Carr

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