Tracking Attendance and Keeping Accurate Records

Club leaders can see who the active members are in their club by consulting the Attendance Report, found under the Reports Dashboard within the member dashboard. If you update and reconcile member activity records after each meeting, you can improve the accuracy of this report and others that, for example, track member speeches.

Attendance Report

In this example, I’ve filtered the records for Online Presenters Toastmasters to activity since January 2020.

However, the data will be incomplete unless someone takes responsibility for making it complete. The system records anyone who held a meeting role as having been in attendance. However, that data will only be accurate if you account for people who promised to fill roles but didn’t show up, as well as the people who stepped up to fill roles at the last minute. We should also account for people who attended but didn’t take a role.

You can make these corrections on the Update History page (accessible to those with the user role of Manager or Administrator, typically assigned to club officers) under TM Administration.

Update History screen

After you have made corrections to who held which roles, you can check off the names of any other members who were in attendance down the bottom of this form.

Click Submit to record those updates.

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