Turn on “Show in my timezone” for online meetings

If you are inviting people from around the world, not just around town, to your online meetings, turn on the timezone display and “Show in my timezone” options for your event notices.

Show in my timezone

Displaying the timezone is the bare minimum you want to do if you’re promoting a meeting or event on a global basis. But rather than forcing the potential attendee to do the mental math to calculate between timezones, let the computer help them.

For this to work properly, make sure the correct local timezone is recorded in WordPress. That’s set in the General tab under Settings.

The timezone settings can be turned on as the default for all future meetings from the RSVPMaker settings page. For Toastmasters meeting events based on a template, make sure these settings are turned on in the template and then update all the subordinate meeting event posts.

In the WordPress editor, these settings are in the display section of the sidebar you open by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner.

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