Attracting Attention (and Members) to Your Club – Training Presentation Links and Resources

Here are a few resources posted for the benefit of attendees at a Toastmasters Leadership Institute presentation on Saturday, February 2. Since I’m posting this the night before, I’ll likely add to this with documents, links, answers to questions that come up during the session and possibly a video of the session itself.

Carr's law of marketing: First, they have to know you exist. Share on X

Video workshop at Online Presenters, Monday February 4, 2019

Register at

Meeting opens with meet and greet at 7:30 pm, workshop starts at 8

Blog post: How to Routinely Record and Share Speeches at Your Club

The free video editor in Windows 10:

Here’s an example of a Club Awesome promo video featuring multiple testimonials:

WordPress for Toastmasters

Get a free website or free software for any self-hosted WordPress website (not


Club Awesome Facebook page:

Note the extensive use of video, including a video cover image.

List your “place of business” (club meeting place) on Google

How to Completely Optimize Your Google My Business Listing (Tutorial)

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