Making It Easier To See Which Members Haven’t Taken A Given Role (or Not Lately)

The clubs who use the WordPress for Toastmasters software include a mix of those who ask for volunteers, those who make assignments, and those who do a little of both to fill their meeting agendas.

In any of those modes, good club leaders seek to encourage members to take on a variety of responsibilities. Now, it’s easier to see who hasn’t taken a given role, or who hasn’t done so lately.

The “Last Did Role” listing

In the screen shot above, an example from, we can see there are several people shown who have never given a speech in this club. George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt are listed as having spoken, but not since May 2017. So any of these people might deserve a nudge (or a kick in the pants, if you prefer).

What you are seeing here is the drop-down listing of members in the Edit Signups view of the agenda. If I pick a name, this speaking slot will be recorded as assigned to that person.

An alternative is to check “Recommend instead of assign” which will display a notes field where I can add a message encouraging the individual to take that role. They will then get an email notification and can accept with one click.

This feature was added in response to a request from a club VP Education who had been spending a lot of time trying to make sure members rotated through all the available roles.

If you have ideas for features that would make the software more productive for the operations of your club, just ask, and we’ll try to make it happen.

Update: Role Report

After seeing this history displayed in the dropdown list, my friend Roger Fung, VP of Education at Online Presenters, asked for a report where he could see all this data shown side-by-side.

Here is what the new Role Report looks like:

Role Report summary of who did what when

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