How to Show Contact Info for Members With and Without a Meeting Assignment

To run a well-organized meeting, one important pre-meeting task is confirming members with roles and contacting members who do not have an assigned role to ask them if they can fill an opening. Broadcasting the agenda to your list can be helpful, but often contacting specific individuals is more effective.

For help with that chore, you can use the Agenda with Contacts view of your meeting agenda. This feature has been in the software for some time, but is probably used less than it ought to be. I recently updated it to work with the new agenda editor and to display the planned absences list if you are using that feature.

You will find this option under the Agenda menu.

Navigating to the Agenda with Contacts screen

This displays a listing of your meeting roles with not only the names of the members assigned to those roles but their contact information. (Encourage your members to check that the contact information on their profile is correct).

Agenda with Contacts listing

If you click the Email to me link, this information will be emailed to the address in your own user profile. I often use that feature to get the information onto my smartphone, which makes it easier for me to call or text message the members I want to reach.

Following all the meeting roles and assignments, you will find the listing of planned absences (where members have proactively recorded that they will miss one or more meetings) and the list of members without a role.

The listing of who is absent and who does not have an assignment.
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