Video: How to Import Your Member List, Then Add/Sync Accounts After Dues Renewal

To get the most out of WordPress for Toastmasters, create accounts for all your members so you can assign them to roles, or allow them to sign themselves up, using the agenda management software that is part of the package. The quickest way to do that is to import the member spreadsheet you can get from Club Central on

Whether one at a time or as a batch, you add member accounts from the Add Members screen under Users.

Batch Import option on the Add Members screen

After a few months have passed and the dues renewal period comes and goes, you will want to clean up your list — removing members who are no longer in good standing with your club. Again, importing the spreadsheet from is the quickest way. This time, you will want to check the checkbox that says “check for missing members,” which compares your current user list against TI’s list of active members.

This video shows the process.

User Import Demo Video

One advantage of creating user accounts based on the spreadsheet is the system will capture the member’s Toastmasters ID #, which can then be used as a lookup key when you subsequently sync accounts. In the absence of a Toastmasters ID, the system can try to match records on other info such as email address, but the Toastmasters ID is more foolproof (it works even if the member has multiple email accounts or changes their email address).

If you didn’t capture the member’s Toastmasters ID when creating their account, the system will now let you enter it manually before attempting to sync member records.

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