How to Create Editable Agenda Notes

This is one of a series of how-to posts.

In addition to containing standard “stage directions” to appear on your meeting agendas, an Agenda Note can be used to display information that changes from meeting to meeting, such as a theme or word of the day you want displayed on the agenda.

To make it easier to add and update that content, we include a title for an “Editable field” as part of the agenda note. In this case, you will typically leave the blank where you normally add the note content blank.

Editable field
Adding an Editable field title.

The placeholder that appears in the WordPress editor will be purple rather than red and will include the text “editable:” followed by the title you provide.

As with other Agenda Notes, you can designate that it should be displayed on the printable agenda view, on the web (signup form), or both.

A rich text editor widget will then appear in Edit Signups mode.

editing the editable field
Adding content to the Editable field.

This content will then be rendered on the agenda along with role signups and regular Agenda Note content.

editable on the agenda
Editable content on the agenda.


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