How to Add Roles to the Agenda

This is part of a series of How to Do X posts that explain how to perform discrete tasks with the WordPress for Toastmasters solution.

To add a role to a new or existing agenda document, click the Toastmasters Role button on the button bar.

add role button
Add Role button

Clicking that button will display a dialog that allows you to specify the type of Role this is.

add role dialog
Add Role Dialog

The standard roles are listed on a dropdown list. You can also select “Custom” and type in the name of a role specific to your club, such as “Joke Master.”

The other options are:

  • Count – the number of times the role should be displayed on the signup form and agenda. For example, you might set Count to 3 if you plan to have 3 speakers.
  • Indent – a formatting command, indents the role slightly.
  • Agenda Note – an explanatory note associated with the role, displayed on the agenda but not the signup form.
  • Total Time Allowed – blocks out required time on the agenda. Can be used to warn if long speeches will consume more time than you planned for.
  • Extra Time – adds a buffer, for example for transitions between speeches.

When you save your choices, a blue placeholder image will appear in the WordPress editor. To change your choices, double-click on the placeholder image and the dialog will be displayed again.

role placeholder
Placeholder for a role in the WordPress editor

Here is what the signup form note would look like with signups for a  Toastmaster of the Day and multiple Speaker roles.

signup form
Roles and Agenda Note on signup form

And here is what the printable agenda looks like with a minimal setup.

printable agenda
Roles and Agenda Note on printable agenda

See also: How to Add Agenda Notes and How to Create a Meeting Agenda / Signup Form From Scratch.

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