How to Add Agenda Notes

This is part of a series of How to Do X posts I will be adding to explain how to perform discrete tasks with the WordPress for Toastmasters solution.

A button at the top of the WordPress editor allows you to add an Agenda Note to an event. Think of these as “stage directions” for your meetings and/or directions and explanations for your signup form.

agenda note button
Agenda Note button

The dialog for an Agenda Note includes a text area for entering your message.

Agenda Note dialog
Agenda Note Dialog

Other options include:

  • Display On – choices are “agenda” (the default, will be displayed on the agenda only), “web” (the signup form) or “both”
  • Bold? / Italic? / Font size – basic formatting options
  • CSS Style (advanced) – advanced formatting options for web designers
  • Link (web address) – option to have a link displayed following the note
  • Editable field – See How to Create Editable Agenda Notes
  • Time Allowed – If the note describes an activity that will consume time on your agenda, you can assign the planned amount of time here.

When you save your choices, a red placeholder will be displayed in the WordPress editor. You can double-click that placeholder image to display the Agenda Note editor again and make changes.

agenda note placeholder
Agenda Note placeholder (red)

Here is what the printable agenda looks like with a minimal setup. The Agenda Note including the Sgt. at Arms duties is at the top, before the listing of meeting roles.

printable agenda
Roles and Agenda Note on printable agenda

See also How to Create a Meeting Agenda / Signup Form From Scratch

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