Introducing, a New Domain for Club Websites

The latest addition to the WordPress for Toastmasters project is a separate domain for club websites,

The site you create for your club will get an address like (similar to what you get on Previously, the free club websites I offered got an address like

The signup form.
The signup form.

The goal is to provide you with a shorter web address (easier to fit on a business card or brochure). In addition, it de-emphasizes the underlying technology (the “wp” in Prospective members don’t care that you’re using WordPress. We want them focused on what you do with it —the impressive website you create.

The Toastmost home page is just a signup form, plus links for those who want to get more information (all the documentation, including guidelines on creating your own independent website with the same software, will remain on

Author: David F. Carr

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