Video: Sign Up and Setup a Free Toastmasters Club Website

This tutorial covers the new, improved sign up process to get your club up and running and productive with WordPress for Toastmasters as quickly as possible. It covers the basics of how to set up your meeting schedule and agenda, add members (using the membership roster spreadsheet from, organize meetings, and edit your new home page.

Author: David F. Carr

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2 thoughts on “Video: Sign Up and Setup a Free Toastmasters Club Website”

  1. Hi,

    I have started to create the Toastmaster website for my group. I am not able to see the plugin to load another toastmaster website, when I watch the demo Video: Sign Up and Setup a Toastmasters Club Website. It does not show up on the left panel side.

    Thank you!

    1. The basic plugins are loaded automatically if you set up a free site on or There are a few other optional plugins, but you don’t need to futz with that part of the setup if you are just getting started.

      You might be referring to the function that lets you import from your old site. I took that out of the setup routine because it wasn’t working consistently. Copy and paste from the old site should work as a starting point for your home page.

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