Collecting Statistics on Member Performance

Competent Communicator Report
Competent Communicator Report

One of the promises of WordPress for Toastmasters is to make it easier for members to sign into the site and sign up for roles — and for club leaders to keep track of progress toward goals like the Competent Communicator award. The statistics gathered through the site need not be perfect to give a VP Education a better idea of where members stand in their Toastmasters journey, but here are a two key tips on making them more accurate.

Enter Activity Occurring Outside of the Agenda


On the administrator’s dashboard, go to Toastmasters Reports -> Edit Member Stats. When you first start using WordPress for Toastmasters, this screen will allow you to enter the statistics you have been tracking by other means (such as in a spreadsheet). Thereafter, you can use the same screen to enter adjustments, for example when members speak at other clubs and report back to you on their progress. Some of the Competent Leader activities like organizing a contest would also be recorded on this screen.

importfthNote: If you are switching from Free Toast Host and previously recorded these statistics in that system, you may be able to import that data rather than manually reentering it. Look for the Import Free Toast Host menu item at the bottom of the administrator’s dashboard.

Reconcile the Planned Agenda With Actual Activity


Go to Toastmasters Reports -> Reconcile. Make adjustments for the people who signed up but didn’t show up, as well as those who took on additional roles at the last minute. For speaker roles, it’s important to record the specific manual project — that’s the only way the system knows that a speech was a CC manual speech as opposed to an advanced manual or non-manual speech.

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