New WordPress for Toastmasters Club Agenda With Sidebar

One thing early WordPress for Toastmasters have been telling me for a while is that they want a better looking, more flexible layout for the printable agenda. I showed a mockup of the new sidebar layout to a few advisors about a month ago, and everyone agreed it would be an improvement. Now a working version is live on this site and also available in the open source version on

Advantages of this format:

  • Gives you a space for ongoing reminders (like dues) or announcements of upcoming events (like Spring Conference)
  • Format is essentially the same whether you print directly from the web or download to Word.
  • You can change the sidebar message on a per-meeting basis or set a default message to be displayed for future events.

To get the new layout, you first have to activate it. You can do this on the Settings -> Toastmasters screen in your dashboard by changing Agenda Format from “plain” to “sidebar.” Or you can click a checkbox at the bottom of the Agenda Setup screen labeled “Enable agenda layout with sidebar.”

Once you have done that, you will see a text editor displayed at the bottom of the Agenda Setup form. Enter the content you want to be displayed.

You have a choice of whether to customize the text for a specific event only, for an event template, or on a global basis (will be used if not specified in either the specific event or the template). Here is an example of how it looks.


Author: David F. Carr

Contact me at 954-757-5827 or