Recommend a member for a Toastmasters meeting role

This is a quick demo of how you would recommend a role for another member using WordPress for Toastmasters. The recipient of your recommendation gets an email notification, allowing them to confirm their acceptance with one click on a coded link (no login required).

I added this in response to a request from Matthew Kleinosky (a contact from the Official Toastmasters Members Group on Facebook) and it’s modeled loosely after a function in Easy Speak that he told me to take a look at. One difference: I don’t reserve a place on the agenda for the person being nominated to take the role. If the speaker slot or other role gets taken by someone else in the meantime, the nominee will get a prompt to log in and sign up for something else.

The Toastmaster of the Day, VP of Education, or other meeting organizer can nominate several individuals and add a personal note. The drop down-list of members to be chosen is restricted to those who do not already have a role for the upcoming meeting. As a guideline, it also shows how long it’s been since the member served in that particular role (or if they’ve never done it). For example, if you were nominating someone to speak you would see how long it has been since they spoke at the club. These statistics will become more meaningful and accurate after you have been using the system for a few months.

No narration on this video, just a quick walkthrough first from the viewpoint of the meeting organizer and then starting in the email inbox of the member being nominated to take a role.

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