Toastmasters Website Design with 6 Logo Banner Choices

Update: I currently recommend downloading the Lectern theme as the best option for Toastmasters branding on WordPress. Like the example shown below, Lectern allows you to choose from among several logo banner choices. Lectern is the standard theme on the free sites offered here. To install it on any other club or district website, download it from the repository.


I just got this working and had to share. The “My Toast Home in Twenty Twelve” theme I just made available on the website allows you to pick from one of 6 different Toastmasters-branded banners.

This is a handy customization option in addition to those I described in my previous post on Changing the Design of Your WordPress for Toastmasters Site. For a logged in site administrator, the Toastmasters Banner option appears on the drop down menu shown below as well as on the administrator’s dashboard under Appearance.


From the Toastmasters banner screen, you can choose any one of 6 Toastmasters banners designs (originally created by Bradley Smith for the My Toast Home theme and used by permission).

Choose a theme header.
Choose a theme header.

You can then take advantage of some of the other WordPress design customization options, such as modifying the background color used on the site to match the banner.

I still plan to offer the My Toast Home themes independently but am currently working with designer Bradley Smith on a few small changes. You may find his themes to be a more complete package. But my mashup of his headers with one of the standard WordPress themes distributed with the software (Twenty Twelve) offers a nice degree of flexibility.

* This software is offered "for Toastmasters" but not is provided by or endorsed by Toastmasters International. The use of Toastmasters brand assets (with proper disclaimers) in website designs has been reviewed by the Toastmasters International brand compliance team.