Toastmasters Member Import/Sync Routine

The WordPress for Toastmasters solution makes it easy to import a list of members, using the spreadsheet club officers can download from You copy and paste from the spreadsheet into the field labeled Spreadsheet on the web form and submit the form. If this is your first time importing members, or if there are new members on the spreadsheet since last time, new user accounts will be created for those members.

The video below shows what that looks like, starting with the spreadsheet import and continuing through the customization of a user profile (change profile, add a photo).

Notes: To paste into a web form, you will need to put your cursor in the right field of the form, then click a control key combination (Ctrl + V on Windows, Apple Command key + V on Macs).

After the form is submitted, the website displays the message that will be sent to the new users via email welcoming them to the club’s website and asking them to update their profile.

Welcome email
Welcome email

If you can get your members to update their user profiles, add/correct contact information, and update their photos, you now have a very nice online directory of members. Members have the option of making their profiles public. Otherwise, they’re only visible to other members.

When adding a photo, note that it works best with photos that are square or have the user’s face squarely in the center. The version displayed next to a user’s profile will be squared off.

In addition to the spreadsheet, copy-and-paste routine for importing members described above, it’s possible to do essentially the same thing by pulling up the web display of your member roster on and doing a copy-and-paste of that entire table of data.

If you import the entire list, you may also want to check the option to “Check for missing members.” This checkbox triggers a check of which website users are NOT currently on the list and gives you an option to remove their user/member accounts on the website.

If you’re only adding a member or two, you can type in the information directly in a form that asks for name, phone, email, etc. But the import method is meant to save you from having to do duplicate data entry on and your own website.

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